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Facilitators of
Total Organisational Change and Performance Improvement
for Private and Public Enterprise

in conjunction with Tilbury, Steele and Farley Australia

The Manager's Dilemma

Creating change and performance improvement in today's organisations has never been more essential - or more difficult. Managers are expected, on one hand, to meet deadlines, motivate their people and control quality, whilst, on the other hand, they must lead productive change. The dilemma is: where do they find the time, the expertise and the support to do both jobs well ?

We at The Growth Connection see our role as helping management and staff achieve this difficult balancing act.

The Consulting Solutions

An integrated program aimed at whole system change i.e. the systems and structure, people and processes, and the technology. It can be accomplished as one whole process launched as such or separate modules linked through the design of the Integrated Program as a whole.

Setting the Direction for Change

  • Mandate for change Identifying the organisation's readiness for change and the degree of support for change amongst management and/or staff can be undertaken from a choice of:
    1. A half day Readiness Workshop.
    2. A one day experiential change simulation with The Information SuperHighway Company.

  • Visioning A Vision Setting Workshop for Board, senior management and other key staff running over 1, 1.5 or 2 days (depending on the organisation) creates a Mission, Values and quantitive, time-based Vision using a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis to define the strategic context.

  • Cascading the Vision Too often the Vision for the organisation goes no further than the CEO's office and organisation's foyers. Cascading the Vision through divisions, branches and other sub-units can be facilitated to create: aligned Missions, Values and Visions at all levels; a Steering Team process for managing the change program; a hit-list of barriers to improvement and opportunities for change.

Identifying the Potential for Improvement

  • Opportunity Search A three hour or longer (if appropriate) Opportunity Search is a powerful method for generating hundreds of change, improvement and opportunity ideas from the management, staff and specialists. An ideal way of generating immediate projects for change and for identifying the change-agents in the organisation.

  • Breakthrough Project Teams Creating Breakthrough Project Teams to work on the critical issues identified by the Vision Setting or by other means is a proven method for creating bottom-up change that can dramatically cut costs, improve processes, improve customer service, increase profit margins or other priority tasks. A one day Change Leadership Workshop equips the change-agents with project identification methods, quality techniques and team management skills.

  • Organisational Health Check No one would make changes to their lifestyle or agree to surgery without running a series of tests. Organisational change is no different. A half, one or two day Data Gathering Workshop leads a cross section of management and/or staff through what data to gather, where to find it (most is generally already in existence in the organisation), how to gather it and how to display it. You and your staff will see the entire organisation - and the opportunities for change and improvement youOve identified yourselves - as you have never seen it before.

Creating Total Organisational Performance

  • Strategic Business Planning Over one, two or three days a Strategy Team, of as few as 5 or as many as 100, reviews data on the entire organisation to identify its competitive strengths and weaknesses. Design Teams create innovative high performance strategies that build on the organisation's strengths, create its most effective structure, leverage its marketing, re-engineer its dysfunctional processes, and identify financial strategies for success.

  • Breakthrough Marketing Systematically identifying your target customers for growth, your single-minded proposition that expresses your competitive advantage and your unbeatable product and service offers is the first step. Communicating this in a way that cuts through the clamour of other messages, developing long-term relationships and managing your customer/client OMoments of TruthO are the keys to Breakthrough Marketing. Available in a one, two or three day format.

  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) The American experience has shown that BPR has the potential to create big step improvements that can save millions - or be a mask for drastic down-sizing. With our Melbourne based associates we can show you how to avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits of BPR in government and private enterprise.

  • High Performance Teams Like BPR, teams have proven to be a two edged sword: great if done properly; terrible if rushed or introduced superficially. Our links with leading American firm Alexander Graham Raab and The Growth Connection's own expertise can guarantee you get the best, not the worst, out of teamwork.

  • Market Research and Social Research Underpinning all the programs mentioned is a belief that decisions should be made on the basis of a mix of hard data and personal perception. As members of the Market Research Society of Australia Tilbury, Steele and Farley Australia has the experience and nationwide field force to undertake telephone, face-to-face, mail and intercept surveys as well as conduct discussion groups.

  • Training and Development Training programs designed to suit each client's specific needs are our specialty. Using Accelerated Learning techniques, fast paced and interactive training programs can be designed in most areas of leadership, management, customer service, sales, planning, team skills, study skills and cross-cultural awareness.

Facilitating Whole System Change

  • Business Planning Planning of business or public sector projects or enterprises has never been more important. We prepare business plans for organisations seeking finance or improved efficiency. As well, action learning programs leading staff through a business planning process in which they develop plans for their own operations are also provided.

  • Network Development Australia's small market size and preponderance of small and medium size organisations (SMEs) has made networking of three or more organisations a strategy for enhancing their marketing, production or negotiating capabilities. Owen Tilbury of Tilbury Steele and Farley Australia is an accredited Network Broker under the AusIndustry Business Networks Program and can access their funding support for networks developing or expanding.

  • Regional Economic and Community Development The integrative strategies for organisational development mentioned earlier, provide an effective model for community development as well. Using the Future Search methodology and a strategic planning framework, regional economic development and community development projects can be brought quickly and powerfully into successful operation.


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