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Mentoring Connections Newsletter
April 2009

In this issue


The relationship between mentoring and career success is well known. Many formal mentoring programs include the provision of career management techniques (usually in conjunction with follow up mid point evaluation) to support the career progress of both mentors and mentees.

The Growth Connection has been using Dick Knowdell’s Career Values and Motivated Skills self assessment card sorts in these workshops for over 15 years. I was trained in the use of these and other career instruments by Dick Knowdell who I am lucky to have had as a long term mentor and friend, so I am especially pleased to welcome him back to Australia.

Also in this edition of our newsletter we touch on the role of one on one coaching, including career support, for managers and staff under pressure to perform at their best in these very challenging economic times.

Imogen Wareing
The Growth Connection Pty Ltd

Master Career Management Author and Trainer,
Richard (Dick) Knowdell in Australia!

Dick Knowdell is the author of Building a Career Development Program and From Downsizing to Recovery and was the pioneer in the design of card sorts as self assessment instruments for career diagnosis and career management, including the internationally popular Career Values and Motivated Skills card sorts. If you have any professional or personal involvement in careers and/or mentoring you will be interested in the following:

  • 14 April 2009 – One day Card Sort Instruments Training
  • 20-22 April 2009 – Three day Job, Career Development and Transition Coach Certification Workshop. More than 4,500 career professionals have graduated from this intensive, small group career coach certification workshop internationally. It was designed and is facilitated by Dick Knowdell.
  • 16 April 2009 at 1.15 pm – Effective Coaching Skills for Career Counsellors. Dick Knowdell presented this workshop at the Career Development Association of Australia’s National Career Conference 2009 in Melbourne.

Optimum Performance in Challenging Times - Coaching

Investment in the development, continuous learning and well being of people in organisations is especially vital in times of economic and policy uncertainty. People at work are under pressure from all directions: fear can become the dominant emotion and fear crushes creativity and high performance levels.

This is the first of a series of short features on how to maintain motivation and focus at work; the ongoing necessity of retaining talented people and the benefits of building lasting loyalty during the downturn.

A range of opportunities can be provided but a key vehicle for targeted skills growth and support, which directly impacts performance, is one on one coaching.

Qualified and experienced coaches offer knowledge, insights, tools and techniques to deliver:

  • Guidance to manage major change, work or personal crises (including loss of work colleagues and/or managing the departure of staff a manager has worked with, perhaps for many years) or other environmental challenges.
  • Specific business and interpersonal skills development, e.g. Strategic and crisis planning, performance management, financial management, transformative leadership, change management, emotional intelligence.
  • Career / Succession planning and management.
  • Modification of attitudes, perceptions and behaviours that are not serving the individual or organisation.
What do people in your organisation need to come through these times positively and productively?

How is your organisation ensuring they will be motivated and capable to seize the early signs of recovery and position themselves and the organisation to come out ahead?

Mentoring Quotes

These quotes from mentees are typical of the feedback from a successful formal mentoring program in a large Sydney council, designed and supported by The Growth Connection:

  • The program has been an excellent mix of theory and practical information fro the facilitator combined with the personal touch of having someone to practise it all on. I gained enormously from connecting with people at Council and made valuable networks and relationships as a result.
  • In my case because I need/needed help with career development, I feel that this program has provided me with excellent guidance.
  • (I gained) valuable networks and relationship building. Personal contacts with people I don’t see because I work on a remote site. A focus and depth to career development – it was the impetus I needed to take control of my career again after coasting along.
  • I think just being a part of the program has enabled me the time and space to focus on my job/skills and define them more accurately, both where it was and how it has changed over time and also how it needs to change to accommodate today’s circumstance and challenges.

Next Issue

  • Low cost, high impact mentoring options
  • Mentoring case study

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