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The success of any development program can be determined by how well participants apply what they have learnt on-the-job. In most workplaces, it is easier to revert to old behaviours than to apply new ones. To overcome this, a number of components are built into the integration phase of the project:

  1. Professional development goals are built into your organisation's performance management system
  2. Reinforcement activities and events are conducted
  3. Ongoing mentoring is provided to support achievement of development goals
  4. Participants are re-assessed against the Leadership Model by their peers and colleagues
  5. Progress against development goals is reviewed regularly. A component of each leader's remuneration package is linked to the achievement of development goals.


Evaluation is an ongoing process that occurs at the end of each phase and major event. The evaluation of the program includes a review of its process, content, output and impact. The program is evaluated by a number of people including participants, senior management and The Growth Connection.


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