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Rod Wenham Coaching Profile


Personal Coaching Philosophy

Rod has a strong commitment to the importance of coaching in the corporate environment. He believes that all people need to be motivated and encouraged by others, but the individual must produce results to achieve their own potential. Rod believes that in his role as a corporate coach he is there to motivate, encourage and stimulate individuals to be the best they can be in the short and long term.

Coaching Qualifications

Rod holds a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Teaching and Certificate in Law. He is a fellow of the Australian Association of Career Counsellors and was National President of that organisation for three years.

Coaching Experience

Rod has been formally coaching and counselling for over twelve years. In addition to coaching numerous individuals, he is now teaching individuals within organisations the techniques involved in becoming a Coach. A recent example of this is a three day seminar on Career Coaching that Rod will facilitatre for the AACC in September.

Organizational Experience

Organisations that Rod has recently worked with include Westpac, Bank SA, Volvo Australia, Irish Development Authority, South Australian Football Team, Port Power Football Club, South Australian Housing Trust, Auditor Generals Department, Telstra, Department of Defence and TAFE.

Strengths & Aptitudes

Rod brings a number of specific strengths to his work as a corporate coach. These include his ability to be an encourager of individuals and motivator of their skills development, an understanding of how much each individual needs to be supported to achieve a positive result, and a focus on the importance of developing self reliance. Rod assists others in coaching and developing their staff and managing relationships effectively across the organisation. Rod has a relaxed style and an excellent rapport with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.


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