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Profiles of The Growth Connection Coaches

Executive Coaching by The Growth Connection


The Growth Connection's team of highly skilled corporate coaches focus entirely on the needs of our clients., ensuring both personal and corporate outcomes are achieved. The Growth Connection operates on a series of value based principles, based on integrity, trust and respect for the people we work with. Our coaches are skilled at building rapport and challenging individuals who may be reluctant to engage or change. By acknowledging their current position, the coach then supports the client in safely moving toward new goals.

Coaching is conducted with individuals and with small groups, both within and outside the organisational structure. Appropriate reporting and outcome achievement for the organisation are an integral part of internally supported coaching initiatives, and may also be a part of individual coaching partnerships.

The Growth Connection corporate coaches utilise the GROW method within each coaching session. This conceptually simple model provides a consistent framework for each session, working from a shared understanding of desired outcomes, through an exploration of options grounded in the realities of the situation, and concluding in a commitment to action prior to the next session. In this way each session moves the client through their learning with clear actions to carry out before the next session and continue the integration into their work performance.

The Growth Connection corporate coaches have extensive corporate backgrounds, as managers, consultants and facilitators, in a wide range of industries. We believe the best coaches have broad professional and life experience, as the rate of change and the differing impacts of so many new variables in work/life need to be experienced to be understood. Our coaches also draw on the extensive and growing body of international organisational theory and research, and other information they connect with through their continuing professional development. We are affiliated with the Australian Institute of Executive Coaching, and our Sydney coaches have undergone their accreditation process, with coaches in other states to follow as soon as possible.

The wide range of services our coaches offer include:

  • High Level Interpersonal Skills including:
    • Influencing
    • Conflict resolution and management
    • Negotiation
    • Managing effective relationships
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Focus and active listening
    • Creating rapport
    • Inspiring and motivating
    • Mentoring
    • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Support through Personal/Work Crisis or Difficulty
  • Targeted Business Skills and Leadership Development eg.
    • Strategic planning
    • Systems thinking
    • Creative/lateral thinking
    • Project management
    • Priority setting and decision making
    • Leading change
    • Developing staff
    • Diversity management
    • Performance management
    • Coaching to coach
    • Business writing
    • Managing with integrity

  • Presentation Skills
    • Groups (large and/or small)
    • Media (TV, Radio, Newsprint, Interviews)

  • Career/Life Planning
    • Career management techniques
    • Life and work balance
    • Clarifying direction
    • Accessing resources
    • Identifying options
    • Office politics
    • Networking.

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