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Profiles of The Growth Connection Coaches

Executive Coaching by The Growth Connection


The profiles of many of our coaches are included below. If you would like more information, or a chance to speak to any of the coaches with questions, please call or email and we will assist you in every way we can. Some organisations prefer a tailored approach to the needs of their people - we would be delighted to create an approach with one/many/all of our coaches to meet your specific requirements.

    Imogen Wareing
    Imogen coaches individuals with the aim of helping them to achieve their true and unique potential. Supportive through change, Imogen helps managers to identify and address blockages in their process in addition to capitalising on their natural strengths.

    Ann Harper
    Ann uses specific techniques, experiential processes and holistic strategies to set an environment where individuals enhance their understanding and learning of the principles that motivate them and others.

    Michael van Heeswyk
    A Corporate Coach for the past 15 years. Michael's focus is on ensuring that clients lift their performance skills and behaviours, apply world best management practice and hold individuals accountable for their own learning and development.

    John W. Matthews
    John is interested in helping today's business leaders reach higher levels of performance as quickly and effectively as possible. He believes that coaching helps fast track individuals towards their goals in ways that they wouldn't have been able to do on their own.

    Richard Walsh
    Richard bases his programs on the firm belief that each individual has the vision, goals and strategies to become the person they want to be - all that is required is for them to clarify their vision and remain focused on their goals and refine the strategies that work for them.

    Rod Wenham
    Rod has a strong commitment to the importance of coaching in the corporate environment. He believes that all people need to be motivated and encouraged by others, but the individual must produce results to achieve their own potential.


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